Pain & Recovery Support

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The Complete Regimen For Pain & Recovery Support

The KLORIS products you need to tackle aching muscles and painful joints.

Beautifully presented, complete with a comprehensive Regimen card with full instructions to help you get the best from all the products. 

Separate selling price of contents: £177

Our carefully designed Regimen for Pain & Recovery Support includes all you need to soothe aching joints and muscles:

  • 24 Hour Release CBD Patches
    (30 patches - usually £48)
    Apply one a day. Powerful 24 hour systemic support for inflammation - packed with CBD, turmeric, omegas and resveratrol.
  • Luxury High Strength CBD Balm
    (400mg CBD - 30ml - usually £35)
    Fast acting, 100% natural topical balm to rub directly on aching joints and muscles.
  • 10% CBD Oil
    (1,000mg CBD - usually £64)
    Our award-winning broad-spectrum CBD oil, to be taken under the tongue.
  • Jade Gua Sha Tool
    (Usually £30)
    The best way to apply our CBD balm - massage the affected area and get the active ingredients straight to the point of need - not on your fingers.
  • Full instructions for the optimum pain and recovery regimen
    A clearly laid out guide to get the very best from the products.

The set comes beautifully (and environmentally friendly) gift packaged and with a bonus Let Nature Love You Tote Bag. 

Most people find this pack provides at least 30-45 days of daily usage.

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