CBD massage treatments

Feel the unparalleled quality of our CBD treatments, perfectly designed to calm your mind and soothe your body.

Set within the lower ground floor of our flagship concept space in Soho, it is a cocoon away from the busy streets of London.

An experience that incorporates bespoke scent, sound and touch using generous, personalised doses of our award winning CBD products.

CBD Spa Products




Being earth friendly is a priority for us and this includes our treatments. The room is dressed with some of our favourite sustainable brands including our super soft linen bedding from Piglet In Bed. The natural long fibres of linen are free of toxic dyes, farmed in small batches and help to regulate your body temperature as you relax.

We are also using 100% compostable, biodegradable and chemical-free towels which are made from super soft, 100% natural wood fibres from sustainable forestry programs. Using these saves the use of precious water for washing and avoids chemical-laden washing detergent altogether.

Why are we so obsessed with keeping things chemical free? We don’t just keep chemicals in our environment and products to a minimum for the earth’s benefit but for anyone who interacts with our products and spaces too.

There is mounting evidence that allergies to various common ingredients are built up with chronic exposure, meaning you can become allergic to something you weren’t previously over time.

Just research the widespread preservative M1, commonly found in everyday consumer products includng shampoo, moisturiser, cleaning products, even household paint. Its full name is methylisothiazolinone and there is now an "epidemic of allergy"* to the substance that previously didn’t exist.
*Quoted from Occupational Dermatology and Research Centre