KLORIS CBD Spa Treatments

CBD is a great inclusion in treatments because of the way it stimulates the body’s endocannabinoid system to promote balance and wellbeing. 

It’s also a wonderful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, so when combined with quality ingredients, a treatment incorporating KLORIS CBD can be far superior to a regular massage. 

KLORIS massages and protocols strive to melt muscle aches, calm the nervous system and boost the immune system - enveloping the body in deep relaxation.


BVLGARI Spa (London)


This is an exclusive tailor-made 90-minute treatment that uses our blood orange and oud CBD massage oil, high strength balm and hot stones to melt away tension and soothe mind and body.

KLORIS at Bvlgari London

Appointments: +44 (0)20 7151 1055

CLOUD Twelve (London)

Cloud Twelve Signature Deep Relief KLORIS CBD Oil Massage

Soothe body, mind and soul with this signature massage. Combining deep tissue, stretching and aromatherapy massage techniques, this is the perfect choice for anyone with aches and pains that require specific attention.

Cloud Twelve Spa

Appointments:  +44 (0)20 3301 1012

180 Health Club (London)

Tension Dissolve with KLORIS CBD at 180 Health Club

Deeply restorative and results-driven. highly personalised top to toe massage with our award-winning CBD oils and balms,  melting muscle ache, calming the nervous system and enveloping the body in deep relaxation.

180 Strand Health Club

(Exclusive to 180 Strand / Soho House Members)

SIX SENSES Puente Romano (Marbella, Málaga, Spain)

CBD Therapy by KLORIS

This multi-layered treatment is designed to capture the imagination using scent, touch and sound; incorporating therapeutic soundscapes that have been expertly designed with relaxing frequencies, whilst healing massage techniques help the mind slide into gentle relaxation.

KLORIS at Six Senses Spas

Appointments: https://www.puenteromano.com/packages/



This treatment exclusive to Ibiza Gran is a head-to-toe experience combining stretching, lymphatic drainage and shiatsu acupressure points to allow the body to relax. Use the healing powers of CBD to superboost your relaxation time and get ready for the next dance floor...

Ibiza Gran KLORIS Spa Treatment

Appointments: +34 971 806 806


KLORIS are proud members of the UK Spa Association

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