We're passionate about what we do because of the difference it makes. The proof is in the results. Real users with inflammation, anxiety, stress, cravings, sleep issues and more explain in their own words how KLORIS CBD products have helped them.

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"Within 3 days my stomach had gone back to normal. I'm amazed at the results."
Georga Cottle - @georga_morgan_louise

"KLORIS CBD Oil has really helped me to get a better quality sleep and the CBD balm has helped me especially with some joint pain."
Artur Zolkiewicz, Celebrity Trainer

"I've noticed a massive improvement in my sleep"
Chelsey Williams, London

"It's changed my life"
Natalia Ambrosia, Actor, London

“A few days after taking Kloris the difference was amazing and within a month I am so much calmer, more rational and my anxiety levels are noticeably lower... I feel kinder to myself and like I am a better mum and pilates instructor!”
Chloe Hodgson, Pilates Instructor

“I’ll definitely be recommending this to my clients”
Kelly Vines, Nutritional Therapist, St Albans

“I’ve definitely felt less stress in the workplace since taking KLORIS”
Kyle De’Volle - Fashion Stylist & Designer


Sasha CBD Oil Review - Just want to give a shout out to the wonderful people over at KLORIS  for introducing me to CBD. I have been taking it for a couple of weeks now and can really feel it is helping with stress, sleep, anxiety and I am generally feeling like i have a happy spring in my step. Was quite cynical about it to begin with, not being a ‘weed guy’,  but I saw a marked change in my Mrs' demeanour so I tried it. Got to say it's really helping me.


“Hi my name is Chloe, I'm 34 and was diagnosed with M.S. at 18. Within the last 2 years my specialist told me I have primary progressive M.S and there was nothing they could do for me! So I started looking into alternative therapies, which is where I found KLORIS CBD.

Since taking CBD my life and more importantly my health, has improved greatly.
My spasticity has reduced, I am generally stronger because of this. My anxiety is much lower but most importantly to me, I am no longer getting up in the night to use the bathroom, where as prior to CBD I was getting up on several occasions and with urgency. I have considerably less urgency now. I would recommend it to anyone. It's an incredible product.”
Chloe, M.S. sufferer


“I’ve experienced far less abdominal pains, I'd implore anyone who suffers with any similar/related condition (not to mention a raft of others) to give CBD a try”
Ben Poliszczuk, London, Crohn's sufferer


“Taking the 500mg CBD Oil helps me feel calmer at home and focused at work”
Zoie Kingsbery Coe, Mother and Founder of Kid & Coe, Ibiza