The Sleep Kit

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Struggling to get a good night’s sleep? The Sleep Kit contains the perfect combination of KLORIS products to help you relax, sleep deeply, and wake up feeling refreshed.

These products utilise the effects of CBD on your endocannabinoid system when ingested and applied to the skin to help bring your body and mind into balance.

Each beautifully packaged Sleep Kit contains:

CBD Bath Block

One of our best-selling CBD bath blocks (selected at random), packed with CBD, natural salts, minerals and essential oils. Place in the bath then lie back and relax for at least 20 minutes.

As seen on ITV’s “This Morning”.

1000mg (10%) Superior CBD Oral Oil Drops (10ml)

Place 4-5 drops under your tongue around 45 minutes before bed to help you relax, calm your mind and get your body into balance for a restful night.

As featured in Get The Gloss - ‘Best CBD drops to take for a restful nights sleep’

400mg High Strength CBD Balm (30ml)

Let the natural plant butters and high strength CBD soothe you. Rub onto any aches and pains, areas of dry skin and on the soles of your feet.

As featured in Marie Claire’s “Best CBD Products” 

Soundscape & Guide

Follow the guide and listen to our exclusive soundscape, crafted to guide you into a deep relaxed state ready for a blissful sleep. 

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