The KLORIS CBD Pamper Pack

£95 £107

The perfect gift for someone who deserves a little pampering (especially if that's you!).

The KLORIS CBD pamper pack includes our 30ml CBD Superboost Face Oil, 5ml CBD Travel Balm and a 3 pack of our luxurious 50mg CBD Bath Melts, in a beautiful natural cotton 'Let Nature Love You' pouch.

Everything you need for a pampering evening ritual:

  • Relax in the bath or shower with our melts and let the premium CBD soak into your skin.
  • Add 2-3 drops of the face oil direct to skin or into your favourite  moisturiser to illuminate the skin's beauty and protect against skin cell degeneration and wear and tear.
  • Then apply a little of the balm to any dry patches, aches or pains - or simply to the soles of your feet for a blissful sleep.

Save £12 on the separate selling price!

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