More Calm, Less Stress

£109.00 £152.00

The Complete Regimen For More Calm, Less Stress

The KLORIS products you need to find your calm, beautifully presented complete with a comprehensive Regimen card to help you get the best from everything in the set.

The greatest benefits from CBD come when it's used consistently for at least 30 days. We created this set to provide everything you need for a month (and more) of daily use, based on over 4 years of product development and feedback from our customers.

Our carefully designed Regimen for More Calm, Less Stress includes all you need to relax and unwind:

  • 24 Hour Release CBD Patches
    (30 patches - usually £48)
    Apply one a day. Powerful 24 hour systemic support to bring balance back to your endocannabinoid system.
  • Soothing Essential Oil
    (10ml - usually £24)
    Transform any space into a soothing oasis of calm with this specially developed natural aromatherapy oil.
  • 10% CBD Oil
    (1,000mg CBD - usually £64)
    Our highest strength, multi-award winning CBD drops with a light, natural flavour.
  • The Lotion for Hand & Body
    (2 x 15ml - usually £16)
    Soothing for the skin and the soul. Packed with CBD and beautifully fragranced with subtle notes of neroli, cedarwood, jasmine and amber.
  • Full instructions for the optimum stress relief regimen
    A clearly laid out guide to get the very best from the products.

The set comes beautifully (and environmentally friendly) gift packaged and with a bonus Let Nature Love You Tote Bag.

Most people find this pack provides at least 30 days of daily usage.