KLORIS CBD City Reset Treatment



The treatment to choose if you want to feel good but you don’t have much time. Thoughtfully curated minute by minute, begin with a brief consultation assessing your personal wishes for the session. Then sink into the treatment bed, immerse yourself in the sounds and scent and forget where you are for thirty blissful minutes. 

The KLORIS massage therapist will blend just the right oils and balms for you;  working to remove tension beginning at your feet, before moving to hands, arms, neck and shoulders. You’ll leave feeling restored and refreshed.  


A Multi-sensory experience that can still be enjoyed during a lunch hour. 

An extended version of the 30-minute appointment with the benefit of additional time to focus on the areas that would benefit most from personalised, expert touch and award-winning potent doses of our premium CBD.


For when you have a little more time for yourself. We’ll begin with a consultation assessing your personal wishes for the session. Enjoy the beloved KLORIS foot ritual and rest your weary feet in a CBD and magnesium-infused footbath before relaxing on the treatment bed. 

The outside world will feel far away with a carefully curated relaxing soundscape to accompany a top and toe rejuvenating massage using a personalised combination of warmed KLORIS balms and massage oils. Your treatment will focus on the areas that traditionally feel tension - the soles of the feet, hardworking hands, upper arms, neck and shoulders. 

This treatment allows the time to focus on melting the feelings of stress, calming your nervous system and enveloping your entire being in deep relaxation so that you leave feeling clarified and calm.